Dog Safety for Families

Pet parents love their dogs and treat them like a member of the family. Though we love our furry friends and believe they could never cause any harm, it is important to take the right steps to keep both your human and 4-legged family members safe.

Parents need to take special care and teach their little ones how to be safe around not only their own furry family members, but other pets too.

Dog Safety tips for your family

1. Teach your child to ask both you and the dog’s owner for permission before approaching the dog.
2. Ensure that if your children visit a household with an unfamiliar dog, they will be supervised.
3. Teach your children to never put their face to a dog’s face.
4. Teach your children if they ever feel unsafe around a dog, stand still like a tree until the dog gets bored and leaves.
5. Teach your child to never touch a dog that has been tied up outside or is on the loose. Make sure they know to alert an adult if they ever see a dog on the loose.
6. Teach your children not to distrub a dog while they are eating, as they might become territorial and/ or aggressive.
7. Show your children how to be gentle while petting dogs and not to tug on their ears or tails.
8. Teach your children not to corner a dog, especially if it is a new or unfamiliar dog.
9. Don’t leave babies unattended around your family dog. Dogs may not realize they need to be gentler around a baby than their owners when playing.
10. Provide your dog with a crate to give them a place to escape to for a little space and relaxation, in case they feel bombarded by the attention your children may give them.

Pets bring so much fun and happiness into our families and homes. While it can be great to raise children with a pet in the household, it is important to teach children how to treat dogs, so both your little ones and pets can all stay safe and happy.

Here at 4Paws Insurance we want to protect your pets, so they can remain a playful, furry member of your family for years to come. As pet parents ourselves we understand what it takes to care for your beloved animals, so request a quote today to help give your 4-legged family member a happy and healthy life.