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Enrollment and Waiting Periods

1. At what age can I enroll my pet?
The minimum age for enrollment is 8 weeks old.
2. When does my coverage start after I have purchased a policy?
Policies are effective at 12:01 a.m. Standard Time at the address indicated on the Declarations Page.
3. What are the waiting periods?
We have a 14 day waiting period for illnesses and a 14 day waiting period for diagnosis, treatment, or surgery related to illnesses and ligament and knee conditions. We do not have a waiting period for accidents or injuries that do not correspond with a ligament and knee condition.
4. Is a veterinary exam required to enroll?
No, an exam is not required to enroll in coverage.
5. Does my pet have to be spayed or neutered to be enrolled?
No, they do not have to be spayed or neutered to be enrolled in our plans.
6. What is an annual deductible?
An annual deductible means that you can submit multiple claims during your policy year and you only have to meet one deductible instead of a deductible for each condition. All deductibles and limits are reset at renewal.
7. What does reimbursement percentage mean?
The reimbursement percentage is the amount we will pay you on the total bill submitted, that is eligible for coverage.
8. How will I receive my policy documents?
All of your policy documents will be stored in your online account, unless you opted out of electronic delivery. If you opted out of online delivery and have not received your paperwork within 7 business days, please contact us at 877-28-4PAWS.
9. What is a pre-existing condition?
4Paws Insurance defines a pre-existing condition as follows: “Illness, disease, injury, or change to your pet’s health that first occurs or shows symptoms before coverage is effective or during a waiting period. This includes conditions that are related to, secondary, or resultant from a pre-existing condition.” In basic terms, if your pet has or had any condition, diagnosed or not, before enrollment or during the policy waiting periods it is a pre-existing condition.

Billing Policy, Renewals

1. How do I renew my policy?
Your policy will renew automatically each year unless we notify you otherwise.
2. Will my premium increase at renewal?
Your premium will slightly increase as your pet ages to help us keep up with the cost of rising vet care. Rest assured, your premium will never increase due to filing a claim with us.
3. Can I increase or decrease my pet’s coverage during the policy period?
If you wish to make changes to your coverage, please contact us. Any change is subject to underwriting and approval with most changes taking effect at renewal.
4. How do I add a pet to my account?
Adding a pet is easy, just log on to your account and click the link for adding a pet. You can also contact us at 877-28-4PAWS or send us an email and one of our pet lovers will be happy to do so.
5. How do I cancel my policy?
You may cancel your policy at anytime by contacting us at 877-28-4PAWS or send us an email to
6. Can I reinstate my policy if I cancel it or my policy is cancelled for non-payment?
You are more than welcome to submit a new application for your pet online or by calling us at 877-28-4PAWS.
7. Can I transfer my policy to a new owner?
If possession of your pet changes to another person, we are able to transfer the policy to the new pet owner without any interruption of coverage. Please note that this process cannot be performed online, so please call us to initiate the transfer.
8. How do I update my payment method?
You can contact us and a friendly pet lover on our team can do it for you.
9. Can I change my billing date?
Unfortunately your billing date cannot be changed because your billing date is associated with the effective date of your policy.

Treatment and Claims

1. Can I visit any veterinarian in the United States?
Of course! We realize the importance of the relationship that you and your pet have with your veterinarian. You can seek treatment from any licensed veterinarian in the United States, its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada.
2. Do I need pre-authorization for veterinary treatment?
3. How do I file a claim?
Log on to your online account to complete a personalized claim form for the pet you want to file a claim for. You will also need an itemized receipt for (1) products provided; and (2) itemized charges for treatment including any packages or discounts. You can then submit the claim form and receipt online or via email, mail or fax.
4. How long will it take to process my claim?
We strive to process all claims within 5-7 business days, although incomplete claims or claims requiring additional documentation can take longer to process.
5. How do I get reimbursed for my claim?
When you submit a claim that is eligible for reimbursement, we will mail you a check.
6. How long do I have to file a claim?
You have 270 days after the day of treatment to file a claim for your pet.