Are Pet Owners Healthier?

Are Pet Owners Healthier?

Pet parents love their furry friends, so much so, they often feel like part of the family. But, did you know that owning a pet may actually help you to live a happier and healthier life?

Keep Owners Active

Many pets, especially larger dogs, require walks and exercise, and therefore, can serve as a great motivator to get you moving. Not only is your daily walk good exercise for your dog, it’s good for you too. In fact, according to exercise scientists, dog owners who walk their dogs daily have 1/3 the risk of diabetes than those who don’t own a dog.

Reduce Stress

Petting your pet actually helps to relax you and lower blood pressure, allowing you to feel more stress free. In fact, a study found that owners had significant drops in blood pressure and stress after caring for a dog for five months.

Improve Mental Health

Pets also serve as companions, which helps reduce feelings of loneliness and seclusion among owners. Additionally, rhythmic petting has been shown to alleviate anxiety in pet owners. As an added bonus, taking your pet outdoors will get you an extra dose of vitamin D from the sun, which has been proven to combat depression.

Improve Immune System

Studies have shown that children who grow up around dogs or cats are actually less likely to develop some of the most common types of allergies.

Although pet parents may not typically think of health benefits when deciding to adopt, these extra perks make owning a pet that much better. Fido might be your best friend, but he is also helping to create a happier and healthier you!