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Step 1

Pick a  plan that covers exam fees

Exam fees are the most common vet expenses claimed and yet some pet insurance companies do not cover these expenses. These costs can quickly add up, especially if your pet is seeing a specialist, so we recommend that you select a plan that does cover these essential basic expenses. You will enjoy coverage for exam fees with 4Paws Insurance.

Step 2

Annual deductible versus per incident deductible

The benefit of an annual deductible is that it only needs to be met once per policy year for full coverage to start. A per incident deductible applies to every new condition and will need to be met before coverage starts, which could mean that you would be responsible for more costs than if you had an annual deductible.  All 4Paws Insurance plans have annual deductibles versus per incident deductibles.

Step 3

Wellness Coverage

If reimbursement for vaccinations/titers, dental cleanings, spay or neutering even flea and tick prevention are important to you, make sure that your plan covers them. At 4Paws, we have 3 basic plans that reimburse up to $500 for these treatments.

Step 4

One size does not fit all

Some plans limit the amount reimbursed to you or pre-select your deductible and co-insurance. We believe in letting you choose the reimbursement and deductibles for  your 4Paws plan, giving you the control to build the plan that is right for you and your 4-legged family member. If you need help choosing a plan, give us a call at 877-28-4PAWS to speak to one of our pet insurance experts!

Step 5

Choose a provider you trust

4Paws Insurance is lead by a team of pet parents who are also insurance professionals. We might be the newest company on the block, but our leadership team has been working in the pet insurance business for more than a decade, so they are truly experts. We value being fair, honest, and transparent, and we know that you will find that you can always count on us to have you and your pets’ best interests in mind.