Dog Friendly Activities to Do This Summer

With summer heating up, everyone wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather – but don’t forget about Fido! Whether its at the beach, in the city, or at the mountains, make the most out of the warm weather with this list of dog friendly summer activities perfect for everyone!


Many dogs love the water, so swimming is a perfect summertime activity. Swimming allows Fido to get some exercise while staying cool – it’s the best of both worlds!

Paddle Boarding

Thinking about going stand up paddle boarding at the beach? Consider bringing your dog along! This is a great activity for larger dogs that are good swimmers, which makes including your 4-legged friend easier than ever.

Dog Friendly Restaurant

Many restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating during the summer, and many of them are dog friendly! Instead of leaving Fido at home next time you paint the town, pick a dog friendly restaurant and bring them along – bone appetit!

Camping with Your Pup

Many camp grounds are dog friendly, making a dog-filled camping weekend a paw-sitively amazing idea for a summer getaway. Take a look at some of the best dog friendly camping spots here!

Dog Park

Dog parks are always a great choice, but especially in the summer! Finding a local dog park is easier than ever with this locator – take a look here!

Dog Beach

Heading to the beach this weekend? No need to leave your doggo at home. Before heading to the sand and surf this weekend, do some research and find a dog beach near you. Find out whether the beach is leashed or unleashed, and pick which one fits you and your pup’s needs before hitting the sand!

Car Ride

Looking for something to do on a free afternoon, but don’t want to travel far or break the bank? Go for a relaxing car ride with your dog. Dogs will never get tired of rolling down the windows and letting the breeze blow through their fur. Just be sure they are safely and properly secured in your car before leaving the driveway.

Dog Friendly Breweries

Looking to hit happy hour on a nice summer night? Many breweries offer dog friendly outdoor spaces perfect for any summer afternoon! If you’re not sure if Fido can join, it’s safe to call ahead and ask. You want to ensure man’s best friend is welcome to the party, too!


Find a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) yoga class and get into downward dog! Dogya is a great way to get active and exercise with your 4-legged friend.


If your pup isn’t afraid of the water and knows how to swim, take them for a kayaking trip! They will love the scenic views, wild life, and fresh air!

Summer is in full-swing, so the 4Paws team wants you and your furry friend to make the most of it. With these fun summer activities, you and your furry babies will have the most tail-wagging summer yet!