Oscar The Singing Dog on America’s Got Talent

Six weeks ago, The Savitsky Cats set the bar high on the 2018 Season Premier of America’s Got Talent (AGT). It seemed as though no other animal act could compete with them. In fact, they nearly escaped the auditions without a worthy opponent – until Oscar the singing Golden Retriever took the stage Tuesday night.

At a glance, Oscar seems like any ordinary Golden Retriever. He is a 3-year-old pup that loves to play fetch and go to the park, but it didn’t take long to see that there was more to Oscar than meets the eye. Accompanied by his piano-playing human, Pam, Oscar etched his place in AGT history as the first singing canine on the series. His performance captured the hearts of the audience members and left some judges amazed.

Pam, a 59-year-old Ohio native, started taking piano lessons less than two years ago. By her account, when she began rehearsing, Oscar took an immediate interest in singing-along completely unprovoked. Amazed, she began working with Oscar to refine his voice. Oscar held several sustained notes during his performance, singing in key with the music. According to Pam, Oscar even incorporates elements of style, singing in vibrato at times.

Before the act, Simon increased the pressure, saying he has searched for a singing dog for a long time. During the performance, Host, Tyra Banks, exclaimed “He’s on Key!”, clearly shocked by the talents of this pooch.

After the performance, Oscar received a standing ovation from Simon while the crowd chanted his name. Simon and Howie both voted “yes” without hesitation. But, Heidi was not as impressed, and could not be influenced by the crowd, voting “no.” But, after a little deliberation, Mel B sent Pam and Oscar onto the next round with a third “yes.”

It appears the friendly rivalry between cats and dogs is starting to heat up. In the coming weeks, both acts will compete for a spot on the live shows, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.


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