The Talented Savitsky Cats on America’s Got Talent

On Tuesday night, cats proved they can do tricks just as well as dogs on the 2018 Season Premiere of America’s Got Talent. The Savitsky Cats have everyone talking about their pawfect performance and impressive routine.

For our team at 4Paws Pet Insurance, NBC’s America’s Got Talent is one of our favorite shows. It provides a platform for some of the greatest performers around, and sometimes that includes our pets. Dogs, cats, and all kinds of animals frequently appear on the show. In fact, one of last season’s more popular acts was Sara and Hero, a dog trainer and her Border Collie from Ontario, Canada.

Cat doing tricks

Throughout the series, dogs have dominated the stage until The Savitsky Cats took it back. That’s right – this routine was performed by highly trained cats, not dogs. “Yup, they do what they want those cats” said judge, Heidi Klum.

Marina and Svetlana Savitsky train 1 dog and 10 cats, and the cats, which included a Persian cat, amazed everyone including the skeptical judges. These cat stunts included jumping over each other’s back, jumping through hoops, pushing cylinders, and maneuvering across a barre pole upside down. After a performance for the ages, the judges unanimously voted to send The Savitsky Cats to Hollywood Week, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

Cat Doing Tricks

After the act, judge Howie Mandell praised the trainers, pointing out that cats are not always so eager to please. Pet parents might agree that our feline family members can be stubborn, but there’s no questioning their affection. Don’t forget to protect your furry family members with a pet insurance policy from 4Paws Insurance.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.