Allergies in Pets

Allergies in Pets

If your pet gets itchy this spring or summer, they might be suffering from seasonal allergies. Pets are exposed to most seasonal allergens by inhalation, but there are many different triggers for their itching and sneezing. Below is a list of some of the most common allergens that affect pets.

Common Allergens that Affect Dogs and Cats

  1.     Dust mites
  2.     Mold
  3.     Mildew
  4.     Grass
  5.     Trees
  6.     Pollen
  7.     Weeds

Although itching is the most common symptom of allergies in pets, it is not the only indicator that your pet is suffering from allergies. Seasonal allergies can manifest in the form of various symptoms. Below is a list of the most common allergy symptoms in pets.

Common symptoms of Allergies in Dogs and Cats

  1.  Excessive scratching
  2.  Red or scabbed skin
  3.  Vomiting
  4.  Ear infections
  5.  Puffy eyes
  6.  Watery eyes
  7.  Runny nose
  8.  Stuffy nose
  9.  Sneezing
  10.  Coughing
  11.  Diarrhea
  12.  Chewing at paws

If you notice any of these symptoms in your furry friend, they may very well be suffering from allergies. At the first sign of these symptoms, you should consult with your veterinarian to determine if treatment is needed and devise a treatment plan if needed. 4paws insurance wants you and your 4-legged friends to enjoy this spring without having to worry about your pet allergies, so we work hard to educate you on the risks and concerns that come along with the season. Let us protect your pet and help offset the financial burden of vet costs; request a free quote today!