Autumn is here – Seasonal Change for Pets

It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to a close and bringing rise to autumn. Fall brings beautiful landscapes full of leaves changing colors, shorter days, and cooler weather. As with each season, fall can cause some changes that can directly affect your pet’s life. Below are some tips to help you prepare for and manage these seasonal changes.

Shorter days
As the days get shorter, many of your walks may now take place after sunset. It is important to outfit you and your pups with reflective collars or jackets so they can be easily seen by cars, runners, or bikers passing by. Also, with shorter days and falling temperatures, be aware that snakes that normally hide under bushes or rocks are more prevalent out in the open, laying on paved walkways and sidewalks, trying to retain their body heat from summer’s last warming effects, absorbed in those concrete paths. Snake bites can be painful and costly, not to mention scary!

Autumn means Halloween and Halloween means chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Make sure you keep any candy away and out of reach from your pets to keep them safe and healthy. In addition, even though it may sound cute to dress your pet up for Halloween, you should refrain from doing so if your pet appears to dislike it or shows any signs of distress. Dressing up pets can cause stress and discomfort, so avoid doing this if you think it could negatively affect your pooch or cat.

The cool and rainy weather of autumn creates the perfect environment for mushrooms to grow. Although not all mushrooms are harmful for pets, it is good to take extra care when weeding your lawn and remove any mushrooms, as many types can be toxic for your pets.

With changing temperatures, allergies tend to act up, even for our furry friends. If this happens to your pet, you may want to consider treating your pet’s allergies as you would usually in the spring. If this is the first time your dog or cat experiences allergies, consult with your vet for some treatment options to help keep your pet comfortable.

If your dog is smaller or has a hair coat, they may get cold more quickly in these cooler temperatures, especially if they become wet on a rainy walk. Consider getting a raincoat for your pet to keep them dry and warm during those autumn walks.

As the hot weather finally begins to subside, both you and your pets get to enjoy walks in the crisp, cool air, but it is important to plan for these seasonal changes to keep your pet happy and healthy this fall. However, as pet parents ourselves, we know that even with all the planning and preparation, the unexpected can still happen even in the most careful households. From a broken bone to ingested candy, the vet bills from accidents and injuries can quickly add up. 4Paws Insurance is here to help you offset medical costs for covered conditions so you can get your pet the care that they need. Don’t fall behind- Get a quote today and see how easy it is to get pet insurance for your 4-legged family members!