Unexpected Weight Loss in Pets

Although some overweight pets may be put on a regimented weight loss plan by their vet, unexpected weight loss in your furry friend may be a cause for concern. Unplanned weight loss in pets could be indicative of illness or even disease and should be investigated by a vet. If your pet is not on a weight loss plan, you may wonder what is causing their weight loss. Below are some of the most common reasons pets lose unplanned weight.

Common Reasons Pets Lose Weight:

  1. Parasites: Dogs with tapeworms will quickly lose weight because the tapeworm is consuming all of the nutrients they eat. But, dogs can also become infected with Giardia, Leptospirosis, or other waterborne parasites from drinking unclean water.
  2. Accidental Poisoning: Your pet may ingest pesticides if they eat grass, antifreeze, or any foreign object; causing your pet to be unable to keep any food down, and therefore, lose weight.
  3. Dental Problems: If your pet is suffering from any dental issues, they may avoid eating because it is too painful to chew and swallow food.
  4. Changing Food: If you recently changed your furry friend’s food, you might want to switch back to their old food. They might not enjoy this new food, and are consequently eating less.
  5. Stress: If your pet does not feel safe in their surroundings or suffers from anxiety, they may not be comfortable enough to eat their food. You may be able to remedy this by placing their food in a quiet, calm area, or in a space you know they feel safe.
  6. Diabetes: Just like human bodies, the inability to absorb sugar can cause your 4-legged friend to lose weight.
  7. Liver Disease: If your pet has liver disease, it will suffer from a lack of essential carbs and sugars, which will result in weight loss.
  8. Mouth Lesions: Similar to dental issues, if your pet has mouth lesions they may find it too painful to eat.

Although it can be helpful to understand some of the common reasons your pet could be losing weight, it is important to remember that only a trained professional can diagnose the root cause. If you begin to notice that your pet is not eating or is experiencing unplanned weight loss, consult with your vet. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your furry friends healthy and happy. Here at 4Paws Insurance, we want to help protect your furry babies by educating you on pet health, so they can live a long and happy life. A 4Paws Insurance plan can help offset many of the costs incurred by conditions that may lead to unplanned weight loss, so get a quote today!