Upgrade your Pet Care with Technology

As 2017 ends, it is a great time to upgrade your pet’s care.  Check out some of the hottest technology (pet tech) for your dogs and cats.

Self-cleaning litter box

We know you love your furry felines, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to clean out their litter boxes every day? These innovative self-cleaning litter boxes take out all of the work of litter box cleaning. Now you can relax and cuddle with Fluffy and let this tech-savvy litter box take care of the clean-up!

Automatic pet feeders

At work or running errands when it is dinner time for your pet? No need to worry about your 4-legged friend’s tummy when you have an automatic pet feeder. Most feeders allow you to feed your pet at a set time each day automatically, while others allow you to dispense food at a touch of a button. Check out this article from ABC10 to see the many choices available that can fit your specific needs or budget.

Interactive Webcam

If you are out and about or at work and want to let your pet know you are thinking of them, there are interactive webcams that allow you not only to see your pet; but speak to them, and even send them treats at the press of a button! If you want to learn more about this interactive webcam, check it out here!

Pet tags

Technologically advanced pet tags with GPS allow you to keep track of your pet even when they are not physically by your side. So if Fido wanders too far off at the dog park or escapes from the backyard, you will be able to track them down and return them home safely. This pet technology certainly makes “lost dog” posters obsolete and will hopefully help reunite more pets with their owners!

Activity tracker

Some breeds require more activity than others, but if you are at work, school, or even just running errands, you might not know how active your dog has been while you are gone. With pet trackers, you can tell just how active your pet has been, so you can adjust their daily walks accordingly to make sure they get the right amount of exercise!

With the new year just around the corner, why not upgrade your pet’s lifestyle with some technology that will be sure to make the new year as easy as ever for both you and your furry friend. Here at 4Paws Insurance, we want to make keeping your pet healthy and happy as easy and affordable as possible. With our insurance plans, you will not have to worry about being blind-sided by expensive vet visits, so prepare for the new year and protect your pet with 4Paws Insurance today!