In a Sea Of Pet Tragedy on Airlines, JetBlue Actually Saves a Dog’s Life

With all of the negative media surrounding airlines and their treatment of pets recently, it is rather uplifting to hear a positive story.

On a recent JetBlue flight, a French Bulldog named Darcy became ill and had trouble breathing. Despite never having any past heath issues during a flight, when it came time to fly from Massachusetts to Florida on July 5th, Darcy’s tongue turned blue (a clear sign of oxygen deprivation). After the two JetBlue flight attendants noticed Darcy’s blue tongue, they leaped into action to save the day. The flight attendants thought on their feet and did what they could to make the dog as comfortable as possible. After seeing no improvement by trying to cool her down with ice and hydrating her with water, they offered Darcy an oxygen mask – which finally seemed to do the trick. Within no time, the dog was seemingly doing better and was able to fully recover after her flight!

If it were not for these amazing flight attendants’ willingness to help and attention to detail, Darcy may have become another statistic – and sadly another pet lost in the air. Instead, the great staff at JetBlue saved the day and set the stage for how other airlines should treat our 4-legged friends in the future. With more airlines going above and beyond the call of duty to keep our furr-iends safe, we can all help put a stop to the unhappy outcomes that have surrounded pets and airlines in the past.


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