4 Reason Why you Need Pet Insurance

Many pet parents don’t understand why they might need pet insurance. Some have never even heard of it before. But, as pet parents ourselves, we feel strongly that the benefits of protecting your pet with 4Paws greatly outweigh the costs.

Combat unexpected costs:

  • You simply can’t predict when your pet is about to get sick or is going to get hurt, and these unexpected costs can really impact your budget.
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Medical advancements:

  • There have been many recent advancements in veterinary medicine, meaning you have more treatment options for your pet, but the cost of these treatments can wreak havoc on your bank account.

Savings doesn’t always cover it:

  • It just takes one expensive treatment that can easily run thousands of dollars to completely clean out your pet health savings.

Specialty and emergency Vets:

  • These veterinarians can play an important role in your pet’s healthcare, but they come with a high price tag and the fees are generally significantly higher than those at your primary vet.
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Although some people have never had to experience the burden that expensive treatments can cause, those who have, could agree that insurance would have greatly helped them in affording pet medical care. By insuring your pet with 4Paws, you are giving your pet the opportunity to receive the best care, and live a happy and healthy life.